Los Angeles County -- Welcome to E-Filing!

Get services online. Now, everyone can easily e-file documents, and attorneys and law firms can request subpoenas, all, quickly and securely with our online service.

At California Subpoena Company, we understand that attorneys chose their profession because they love the practice of law. In law, like any job, there are documents and administrative projects that take up valuable time. In law, E-Filing and Subpoenas are often a hassle for lawyers to deal with.

While attorneys are more than capable of handling these tasks themselves, it is just burdensome and inefficient to do so. This is particularly true for smaller law firms and solo practitioners who need to dedicate the majority of their time on zealously representing the needs of their clients. This is where California Subpoena Company can step in to help.

By offering all these services in one centralized location, E-Filing and subpoenas become streamlined. We understand the essential importance of discovery planning, which is why we work with attorneys to drastically outperform the typical court-runner service. We sensibly deliver results in a way that benefits California attorneys economically as well as professionally.

Smaller law firms can afford our services while also receiving effective service that does not require them to invest in bloated services that are expensive or multiple services that requires bouncing from provider to provider.

Our services stand out from the competition because we dedicate ourselves to serving family law and civil practice attorneys. We streamline the daunting nature of e-filing and subpoenas making the process easy and efficient.

Our unique understanding of the family law discovery procedures helps family law attorneys and civil practice lawyers do what they do best. Namely, we assume the mundane and time-consuming elements of subpoena preparation and noticing procedures, so that attorneys can better spend their time representing the interests of their clients.

With our years of experience, we have created a simplified solution for family law attorneys, civil attorneys, general practitioner attorneys, and newly admitted attorneys, alike. Our service solves the difficulties of e-filing and subpoena preparation in several key ways.

First, we make ordering and requesting a subpoena simple and easy. This should not be a burdensome task, and with our service, it is not. It should also be easy to get the information you need as an attorney, and generic record attachments may not have the specificity you need. We alleviate this burden with our issue-specific attachments that speak directly to the information you need while minimizing the risk of oppositional motions, alleging that your subpoena is too vague.

Second, we, also, offer e-filing, which eliminates the need to have a second service provider. To begin (or even just try out) e-filing with us, all you need to do is log into our portal using your current username and password (or register, if you are a first-time e-filer) and start uploading your court documents. If you are a first-time e-filer, setting up an account is fast and simple, and as a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP), you can trust we are compliant with all current E-Filing standards. Not only are we compliant, but our user-friendly portal also makes it easy to upload, track and monitor all documents. Once accepted by the court, you will automatically receive a filed-stamped, conformed copy of your documents.

Third, we offer process service in most areas, again, alleviating the need to seek out, yet, another service provider.

These services, centralized, provide you with the focus you need to tackle discovery head-on, in a take charge manner. In effect, we are committed to providing all attorneys with the same discovery and subpoena power that large firms enjoy, at a fraction of the cost they, typically, expend on similar services.

Our personalized and effective service empowers California attorneys to represent their clients with optimal efficiency, spending less time on fruitless discovery and more time on developing a winning case.

California Subpoena Company offers its services to attorneys and legal firms statewide.