Why Choose Us?

LockAs a California attorney, you have options when it comes to the best way to handle discovery, subpoenas, and the like. We understood this on day one, which is why we want to highlight a few of the reasons why we believe we are a cut above the rest.

From the outset of our business, we work to ensure that your practice and professional reputation is safe with us. We provide secure and encrypted digital delivery of your documents. In the digital age, protections of this sort are essential. Our secured transmittal process provides this protection and peace of mind for your practice.

We also recognize that you are a busy professional who is constantly on the move. That is why we offer you the ability to conveniently access your information in a secure format irrelevant of your location. Viewing, printing, saving, and downloading your documents is easy and efficient with California Subpoena Company. You are no longer limited to receiving documents in the office. Instead, you have anywhere-access to the documents you need, and you have the security needed to open those documents without worry.

Even with these benefits, we also recognize that some attorneys are not ready to go digital just yet. If you are an attorney who prefers paper sets of records, we do that, too. We are proud to provide physical papers whenever you need them, and we go the extra mile by ensuring that a digital set of records is created and is instantly accessible to anyone associated with the case who needs access.

This heCSC ensures that your clients can begin working on essential documents immediately, especially if time is of the essence. Whether you prefer digital records, paper records or a combination of the two, California Subpoena Company will help you formulate a strategy that compliments your vision.

Moreover, we understand that California attorneys who are competing for clients cannot afford to waste time on an inefficient service, which is why we provide automatic notifications. The moment events are calendared or a document has been uploaded, an automatic notification is sent and you will be the first to know. This heCSC attorneys avoid the pain of frequent logins to check on the status of a critically important document.

You will receive documents rapidly, in real time as we upload them to the document management system, so you will immediately know when they are ready. You can, then, share those records and documents with your experts who need them, via secured access. A requesting attorney’s expert can seamlessly interact with the documents, eliminating the need for unnecessary legwork, duplication, copying, or undesirable courier or postage fees.

Finally, we understand attorneys want to be in control of their practice and the future of their business. The top attorney at the firm will always have absolute control with California Subpoena Company, ensuring that whoever leaves the firm for any reason can have document-access revoked.

With all of these benefits, we are confident that our services empower the small firms and the large firms, alike, in ways that simplify and improve subpoenas and enforcements.

If you are an attorney in California, or if you require filing or subpoenas in California, California Subpoena Company especially looks forward to assisting you.