We offer a full suite of process services, covering the breadth of subpoena needs. Our services cover all types of subpoenas a California attorney may need assistance with, including:

  • Records-Only Subpoenas
  • Appearance-Only Subpoenas (Hearing/Trial and Deposition)
  • Records & Appearance Subpoenas (Hearing/Trial and Deposition)

Each of these subpoenas is used for different purposes. Records-only subpoenas require the subpoenaed individual to produce documents or copies of business records without needing to appear for a deposition or hearing. These documents are generally used as part of the preliminary discovery process but the records obtained can, also, be lodged with the court and offered as evidence at a hearing or trial under the business-records-exception to the hearsay rule (note, however, that the custodian’s or other pertinent party’s testimony may be required if the content of the records is at issue).

Alternatively, a subpoena that is for appearance and the production of evidence will require a person or business to produce records and documents under their control at a specified time or place, either, at a deposition and/or a court hearing. In such cases, compliance may simply require mailing or e-mailing the requested records, but in other instances, an in-person appearance may be required.

A witness-subpoena (also referred to as a trial-subpoena) will require a person to appear in court on a given date. On that date, they will be asked to testify as a witness. This is an example of an appearance-only subpoena, where only the presence of the individual is needed — not the production of documents or records.

No matter the type of subpoena you need, California Subpoena Company is here to help.

ArchiveFor any of these subpoenas, there is a wide range of records that may be sought. Common records can include:

  • Employment-Related Records
  • Bank Records
  • Financial Records (Mortgages, Credit Cards, Investment Accounts and More)
  • Insurance Coverage Records
  • Police Reports
  • School Records
  • Retirement Documents
  • Title Company Records
  • And More

These records may seem generic and unimportant, but these documents are often the linchpin of family law and civil cases. These documents provide the leads an attorney needs to follow the money-trail when financial disputes are at issue in a contract or a divorce case; they can also shed light on matters such as parental fitness in a custody dispute if unknown police reports are discovered.

California Subpoena Company heCSC California attorneys leave no stone unturned during subpoena and discovery processes.

In addition to these common records, special records may be requested as well. Examples of special records include:

  • Medical and Pharmacy Records (a HIPAA release, judge-issued subpoena, or other order may be required.)
  • Therapy, Counseling and Psychiatric Records (a HIPAA release, judge-issued subpoena, or other order may be required.)
  • Craigslist Posts (email address used by the consumer to make their posts will be needed to obtain these records.)
  • DMV Records (VIN numbers, license plate number, and/or CA DL number will be required to obtain DMV records.)

As you can see, these records can be critically important for discovering unknown facts about the other side’s client(s). An informed attorney can do a better job, fully representing clients, and our services will help you do just that.

To make the most of our subpoena services, formulating a sound discovery strategy is paramount. To use one example, if you need to subpoena a prospective employer for wage records and direct deposit records, understand where that discovery process could lead. Looking into those records could lead to a discovery of bank accounts that were otherwise unknown. Similarly, if you obtain new information pertaining to statements and deposits, that could highlight an undiscovered payroll source. This, in turn, could lead you to discovering an employer of the parties in the case or other sources of the deposits.

As such, consider what you are looking to find on the other side before requesting certain records. By considering what each record or document may reveal, you can develop a winning strategy that increases the likelihood you will unearth the critical information you seek.

In family law and civil cases, it is clear to see why discovery is essential. Discovering credit applications and hidden resources can be game-changing findings in child and spousal support proceedings for family law cases, and unearthing key discoveries can make similar differences in other civil cases.

Our subpoena services help our clients formulate discovery strategies while receiving the record and document support needed to conquer the discovery process with confidence and efficiency.

If you are a California attorney or law firm, California Subpoena Company especially looks forward to assisting you.